We educate with interactive cannabis courseware to help the global community engage responsibly on cannabis health and wellness.

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Setting the Standard for Cannabis Education

FoliEdge Academy provides a unique learning opportunity with educational solutions for various types of organizations, across a range of individual roles and for an array of audiences interested in learning more about cannabis health & wellness. Our source content is informed by 60,000 + patient engagements that have yielded 10,000,000+ medical patient data points, which have been used in numerous medical studies, have been curated by experienced cannabis physicians and peer-reviewed by medical professionals.

We set the standard for education across the cannabis industry, sharing our experience and expertise to ensure the global community can take an informed and responsible approach while engaging in the pursuit of cannabis health and wellness.

Learn about our parent company, Aleafia Health in the Manifesto Video below.

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Interactive Cannabis Courses

Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101

This course provides learners with an opportunity to establish a baseline knowledge of what cannabis is, where it came from, how it interacts with the human body and how to legally access cannabis.

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Cannabis In the Workplace

Cannabis In the Workplace

This course provides learners with an understanding of the medical benefits of cannabis, the associated potential risks and explores employer responsibilities including their duty to accommodate and resources to assist in the development sound workplace policy.

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Patient Education

Patient Education

This course provides learners with a view into the typical experiences of cannabis consumers, both medical and non-medical, and addresses some of the most common questions related to cannabis consumption.

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FoliEdge Academy Use Cases

Outlined below are a selection of FoliEdge Academy Use Cases which highlight some of the ways our courses are being used by customers to ensure responsible access to and use of cannabis in the pursuit of health & wellness.

Group Education

When new policies or mandates are defined and implemented, whether it's across the nation, unique to a specific province, a wide-spread corporate initiative for all plan members or for a group of professionals, it's of critical importance to ensure learners have access to the information they need, on-demand and in a format that fits with their needs.

Medical Practitioners

The Medical industry relies on continuing education to ensure patients have access to the best treatment options possible - which can only happen if the medical professionals who treat them are aware of and informed on those options, have access to the latest research studies and know how to refer or assess patient needs themselves.

Consumer Education

Whether you're a medical consumer or a non-medical consumer, your experience with cannabis is a function of how you access and administer the product - and knowing how to respond when things may not go as planned. The likelihood of achieving your desired outcome comes from being informed and prepared for the experience.

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