Our Work in Action

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Case Studies

Our initial case studies are aligned directly with the needs of our Canabo Medical Clinics – the division that not only identified the initial requirements, but which also provided much of the insight and medical professional expertise that went into carefully collecting, validating and curating our educational content.


The team at Canabo Medical Clinics leverages this educational content and platform to ensure all members of the Canabo Medical Clinic team - from physicians assessing patients and matching conditions with treatments to maximize the efficacy of cannabis treatments, to the educators who assist patients with understanding what their course of treatment means and what to expect - are armed with the best tools and resources available.


While medical cannabis has been a legally available option to Canadian physicians for a number of years, informing and educating the medical community at large on the benefits of cannabinoid therapy, how to identify treatment opportunities and the process of patient referrals has remained a challenge. With FoliEdge Academy, Canabo Medical Clinics can offer those educational opportunities to medical practitioners and their staff as an on-demand option, at scale and cost-effectively delivered across geographies and regulatory environments.


At Canabo Medical Clinics, even when a patient sees a physician directly, (or remotely through tele-health services) and then spends time with an educator to understand what to expect from their cannabinoid therapy, patients sometimes find they've missed something, may not recall all the specific details, or simply have questions they hadn't thought of while in clinic. At Canabo Medical Clinics, patients have the opportunity to complete patient education through FoliEdge Academy - at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes.

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