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A division of Aleafia Health, FoliEdge Academy operates at global scale, leveraging a proprietary set of patient and medical practitioner experiences, the related data sets and the corresponding research studies to curate and refine our body of educational content. This uniquely informed foundation allows us to create and share engaging and innovative courseware for MDs, nurses, patients, families and employers.

Our purpose is to set the gold standard for education across the cannabis industry, sharing our experience and expertise to ensure the global community can take an informed and responsible approach while engaging in cannabis health and wellness.

Medical Professional & Clinical Expertise

Medical Professional & Clinical Expertise

Through our on-going relationship with Canada's largest medical cannabis clinical network, FoliEdge Academy has access to a continuous learning process that supports and informs our content. Each day, the capture of new medical patient data points paired with an array of expert medical opinions informs not only new and innovative research studies, but our content curation efforts as well.

Aleafia Campus Labs

In addition, through a partnership with Aleafia Campus Research - FoliEdge Academy holds a seat at the forefront of innovation. By partnering globally with scientists to advance breakthroughs and propagate findings on the medical efficacy of cannabis, we support and benefit from their efforts aimed at developing evidence-based, proprietary treatment methods and innovative products, forms and formats designed for the treatment of opioid dependence and chronic illnesses including pain, insomnia, anxiety, and eating disorders.

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